September 21, 2012

Straight Talk Vs Boost Mobile Unlimited Prepaid Plans

Prepaid cell phone plans have become quite popular recently, as people have tried to cut back on expenses in more interesting ways. People who are trying to save money on household expenses inevitably turn to their cell phone bill as an area where they can cut some of the excess spending. As a result, people start to look at prepaid as a viable option because it often leads to savings.

Two plans are at the forefront of the prepaid marketplace: Straight Talk by TracFone and Boost Mobile Monthly Unlimited. Both companies have released very affordable Unlimited prepaid plans. Unlimited prepaid plans provide just what the title suggests--limitless talk time and text messages.

Here's how these two plans stack cup against each other.

The Straight Talk prepaid plan costs for unlimited talk time, text messaging, and 30 MB of data usage. There are a variety of phones available on the plan ranging in price from to 0. Straight Talk runs on the Verizon network, which gives it good coverage.

Boost Mobile Monthly Unlimited costs for all the talk time and text messages the subscriber may want to use. In addition, it includes unlimited wireless web use, nationwide walkie-talkie features between Boost Mobile users, and free mobile-to-mobile.

Straight Talk runs on the Verizon network, which is a big plus since Verizon has one of the strongest networks in America. There is also ample data usage available. The Straight Talk unlimited plan is five dollars cheaper than the Boost Mobile plan, which may factor into your buying decision as well.

The Boost Mobile Monthly prepaid plan may not boast a network like that of Straight Talk, but it has a sufficient one. Consider also that you get limitless wireless web for web surfing, so if you use your cell phone to access the Internet quite frequently, this could be a good thing for you. The walkie-talkie option is another free option that comes with this cheap Boost Mobile plan.

One good way to delineate which prepaid cell phone plan may be the better option is to find which wireless provider gets better service in your immediate area. This is a very important concern because nothing is more annoying than getting spotty service in your area of residence, where you will presumably use your phone the most.

Between the TracFone Straight Talk plan and the Boost Mobile, it really is difficult to choose a winner. They are very similar in price and in what they offer, although both plans have different strengths as noted earlier. Other ways to reach a decision on which plan to choose would be to check out phone selection and also figure out which elements of each phone plan better suit your particular needs.

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August 10, 2012

Alaskan Cruises - The Top 10 Myths

There are certainly quite a few myths out there about Alaskan cruises, and during my time working in the travel industry, I heard all of them. So in order to set the record straight, I have put together this list of the top 10 myths about Alaskan cruises.

When you take an Alaskan cruise, the experience is unforgettable - the shore trips range from fascinating to thrilling, the towns along the route are wonderfully quaint, and the scenery is simply spectacular. As far as I am concerned, it is the most amazing scenery anywhere in the world.

An Alaska vacation is one you will remember for the rest of your life. Alaska will, no doubt, defy many of your preconceived notions. It is a place that exceeds all expectations.

So without further ado, let's move right to the myth busting.

1. You'll see the Aurora Borealis

There is a chance that you could catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) at some point along your cruise, but the odds are definitely against it. You can increase your chances of witnessing the Northern Lights by including an inland tour that stops in Fairbanks or by scheduling your cruise at the very beginning or end of the season.

2. The weather in September and May is too cold

The Inside Passage actually has a relatively mild and moderate marine climate, more like that of Seattle than of northern Alaska. The temperature along the Inside Passage only varies about ten degrees from the coolest part of the cruise season in May and late September to the warmest time of the summer, when it can get up to the high 60's.

3. Passports are not needed for an Alaska cruise

As of 2009, passports will be required for all passengers on Alaskan cruises. In fact, anyone who flies in or out of Vancouver from the U.S. has been required to have a passport for a number of years. So do yourself a favor and get your passport early.

4. It rains constantly

It definitely does rain quite a bit in southern coastal Alaska. In fact, without the rain, there would be no lush rainforest vegetation or breathtaking waterfalls and glaciers. But still, it is very likely you will experience a mix of rain and sunshine during your cruise.

5. It is always less expensive if you cruise from Seattle

It is definitely often less expensive to fly to Seattle than it is to fly to Anchorage or Vancouver. However, the money you save on flights can be eaten up by higher cruise fares, since sailings from Seattle often cost a bit more.

6. The front section of the boat is better for those with motion sickness

Neither the bow (front section) nor the top floors of the ship are your best bet if you suffer from sea sickness. Instead, people who are concerned about sea sickness might want to consider booking cabins on the lower floors of the ship, where there is less motion.

7. It is possible to make cell phone calls on an Alaska cruise

It's true that you should be able to use your cell phone in some of the port towns (especially in Juneau). However, there is little chance your phone will get a signal in some of the more remote segments of the cruise.

8. The left (or right) side of the ship is better

Many people planning Alaska cruises seem to be under the impression that the right side of the boat is far better on a northbound Gulf of Alaska cruise (and that the left side is superior on a southbound cruise). There is indeed a period of about 1-2 days when your ship is out at sea in the Gulf of Alaska (assuming you have booked a one-way cruise). On those days, if the coastline is not shrouded in clouds (as it frequently is), you would have a better view from the rooms facing the coast. But for the remainder of the cruise, the views from both sides of the ship are often equally wonderful.

9. You can save big bucks by booking last minute

Though those buying last-minute might get great deals on cruises of the Caribbean, the same does not really hold true for Alaska cruises. Alaskan ships often sell out far in advance for cruises in the months of July and August. If you are really looking for a last-second deal, you might be able to find one in May or September, though you could have to settle for an inside cabin.

10. You can see polar bears on the cruise

While there are many incredible sights that you will see on an Inside Passage or Gulf of Alaska cruise, you won't see any Polar bears. These massive bears live almost exclusively on arctic ice flows in the far northern region of Alaska. The cruise route focuses on southern and central Alaska. However, you might well see grizzly bears on your cruise, for they are very common in lower Alaska and are an incredible sight.

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April 27, 2012

Should Children Own Cell Phones?

Should children have cell phones? Is there a real need for a kid to own a cell phone? Parents should look at separate things such as the age of the child, in which situations he or she would use it and where will the child be taking it.

If your child is very young a cell phone would not be essential unless your child has an leading healing condition. In this case it would be very useful in case the trainer has to contact you or the house doctor directly in an emergency.

Parents could consider giving a cell phone to a grade-schooler child to be in contact specially if the child is advent home alone. In the situation when maybe you are driving to pick him up and are running late or person else than you is fetching him up a the last moment you may use a cell phone to tip off and assure your child.

Many middle school children will start request for cell phones since many class mates might have one already. The most recent cell phone models come with cameras, mp3 players and games which are ordinarily the main reasons why kids are interested in them and want to own one. When they are in after school programs such as sports they could reach you in the case they don' feel well or want to go to a friend's house at the last moment. Depending on how they behave in school a cell phone can be a recompense for their hard work.

In high school age there are no more excuses for your teenager not to own a cell phone. They can save money to pay for it and buy minutes to make calls. A cell phone can give you peace of mind and bring up your child's independence. Unless you are punishing your child for something there is no way you are going to keep a teenager away from cell phones. They can go out and you can rest assured they are at reach and they are safer with a cell phone in their hand. If they are advent home later than usual or change plans then it is very easy and convenient using a cell phone. It is also great because your teenager will stay off your home phone!

Regardless of your child's age you should be ready for lost, damaged or stolen cell phones. When getting the phone ask the victualer firm to get the extender warranty that covers all of this. You will be glad you did. Kids are learning how to be responsible about their things and may not comprehend how much a cell phone costs. Kids are kids, and it is normal for them to loose or damage their things. Save yourself the trouble of buying a new cell phone each time something like this happens.

Should Children Own Cell Phones?

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April 14, 2012

How to Buy Cheap BlackBerry Phones

One of the best ways to keep up to date with advancements in technology, while you save money on communication, is to buy cheap BlackBerry phones. Buying these phones enables you to save huge sums of money for other foremost things in your life. When it comes to smartphone technology, BlackBerry/Research in motion has been at the forefront since 1996. Most quality, but cheap, BlackBerry phones out there come with functions like a personal calendar, email messenger and a lot more functions. Now, let us discuss how to buy cheap BlackBerry phones, without the need for a covenant plan.

However, before we get down to the nitty gritty, it is foremost for you know that you can get used phones or even new, but cheap, BlackBerry phones from no-contract aid providers. Resale phone stores, or online dealers who sell unlocked phones too offer cheap BlackBerry phones for sale. If you have to go this way to get your BlackBerry phone, make sure the phone is compatible with the network you will be using, before you pay for it.

A amount of cellular aid providers, apart from the major carriers, can let you own any of the ready prepaid phones. In most cases, you will need to buy the phone from a dealer or the aid provider. Although, the phone is still yours even if you no longer wish to use their service.

If you do not mind, you can get a phone that has been used before, from places like craigslist or eBay. There are also many other market that sell cheap BlackBerry phones if you can study well. For used phones, ensure you get the codes to unlock these phones or pay a few dollars for a company to do it for you.

Do you still need more sources to get these phones? Well, there are many other places. You can study online merchants who sell unlocked, new or even fairly used phones at uncostly prices.

Phones that have been unlocked (if not new ones) can work with any other network provider, as long as the technology is compatible. All you need do is to slide in the Sim card of your current aid supplier if they use the Gsm network, or sense the supplier if they are a Cdma network. You will be glad to note that unlocked phones are great when you trip from one country to other because temporary aid can be a lot cheaper than international features/plans of your current provider. So, opt for one of the capability cheap BlackBerry phones out there so you can enjoy heavy benefits.

Finally, let's go over some pricing and where exactly you can buy some cheap BlackBerry phones. At the time of writing, At&T Wireless's website has the BlackBerry Pearl for free, and the BlackBerry Curve and Bold each for 1cent. Verizon's pricing was a microscopic more costly but they did have the BlackBerry Curve Pre-Owned for 1cent. Last but not least, Sprint has the BlackBerry Style for free or the BlackBerry Curve Refurbished for .99. All these prices were found directly on the carrier's website and these cheap BlackBerry phones comprise a two-year contract.

How to Buy Cheap BlackBerry Phones

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